Through analysis of location, the current market, and supply and demand, it is possible to identify and evaluate important success and risk factors right from the start. Here it is irrelevant if the project is new or already pre-existing. Clearly at the forefront should be the identification of sustainable goals and their potential implementation. In closing, accurate forecasting all essential costs allows calculating the economic capacity from the view of an investor/operator. The parties involved oftentimes have different expectations, and therefore a multitude of questions must be answered and different scenarios evaluated. From the view of an investor it is important to secure rent and lease payments. The operator, however, is more interested in market saturation, cost, rationalization and marketing synergy, and wants to these subjects analyzed. To satisfy expectations of all parties involved, we offer the following services in detail:

  • Location and market analysis
  • Feasibility study (basic)
  • Determination of basic profitability of a hotel project, the foundation for internal decision-making
  • Comprehensive feasibility study (detailed determination of economic feasibility of a hotel project), the foundation for finance and management negotiations