Real estate value assessment

The results of extensive inspections of buildings and technical equipment are often important criteria during the decision-making stages of purchasing a business in the hotel and restaurant industry. The following information/documentation are necessities for purchasing/selling a hotel or restaurant business:

  • Up-to-date certificate of title
  • Up-to-date extract from the cadastral land register, including cadastral plan
  • Up-to-date information about obligations to construct and maintain, and any easements regarding the property
  • Up-to-date extract from the register of contaminated sites
  • Attestation of current municipal allotment costs
  • Object specifications
  • Building application documents, including all plans
  • General views, floor plan and property map
  • Pre-inspection/pre-acceptance reports, including information about architects and companies involved in project
  • Expert’s report about fire control/prevention/protection, soundproofing, heat insulation, power demands/requirements and structural integrity
  • Overview of possible warranty for defects, debt guarantees or guarantees with deadlines
  • Documentation of subventions for investments in the hotel
  • List of all existing insurance policies regarding any buildings and the hotel company
  • Business license and restaurant related permits for the hotel, including advice of change, updates etc.
  • Building permits, final acceptance documents, proof of permitted parking spaces
  • Composition of building design/construction/planning material if available
  • Documentation of possible building contamination/hazardous substances.