Audit by fiscal Authorities

The financial administration views the hotel business as a risky industry sector. Even though books are kept in order and bookkeeping is up to date, audits can occur. The truth is that auditors are quick to dismiss the entire bookkeeping as improper or simply incorrect according to the rules. The fiscal authorities frequently use special software and probability calculations to evaluate a business’s bookkeeping records. Reported numbers differ more often than not from the statistical norm. The following items are especially checked for and reviewed:

  • Revenue manipulations
  • Accuracy of journal
  • Calculation and complete financing
  • Economic status and withdrawal habits

It is particularly important how the business compares to the guidelines (numbers of the sample business) and in which areas discrepancies are found. Because of the individuality of each business and the necessity of advanced industry knowledge, it is challenging to work with the auditors. To ensure the best possible outcome of your audit, we will assist you in reasoning with the auditors. If you are expecting to be audited or your audit is already in progress, please feel free to contact us for immediate consultation and support.